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Chosing the right elementary school. Are magnets good schools?


mila0927 October 22, 2012

Our move to Tampa area has been delayed till December and I'm still deciding on schools/areas etc. I've been looking into magnet schools which are one of the best here in Brevard county, all rated 10! Unfortunately, the magnets in Tampa area have very poor ratings according to this website which is very confusing for me. Does anybody has more info about the magnets in Hillsborough county? Are they good schools and are the ratings on this website legit? I'm still considering the magnets but also Wesley Chapel area. Another areas we've been looking into are Riverview, Brandon, Apollo beach. Are these good areas for family life? Thank you in advance for any info!

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lostfan11 October 23, 2012

I've lived in both Riverview and Brandon areas and just like every other city, it has its good parts and not so good parts. I, like you, looked for Magnet schools for my daughter when she was about to start Elementary school. We lived in south Brandon (we were classified as Riverview by just one street) at the time which is a good area and I could not find a decent Magnet school at all. I ended up enrolling her in the public school that we were assigned to which was Boyette Springs Elementary and it turned out to be a wonderful school. Some of the areas to stay away from, in my opinion, are Progress Village and East Tampa/Ybor areas since they are not ideal for families. I would suggest Brandon, Mango (some parts), Valrico, Bloomingdale, North Riverview, My step-kids live in Wesley Chapel and like it but I can't say much about the Magnet schools since they both go to public school.

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