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i need a good charter school for my grandson, one that don't teach violence, he need to be relocated asap, the school was gre...


msruth October 23, 2012

my grandson is in 4th grade, and i don't like , or appreciat what he is being taught. i can't get his teacher changed, so i am trying very hard to get his school changed.

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heelmeat October 25, 2012

Usually schools reflect the students they teach and students reflect the families they come from. Ignorance promotes frustration which in turn promotes violence. Find a school that values learning and success instead of glorifying a thug culture disguised as "urban" culture.

I would recommend a military academy for your grandson. He will learn responsibility and self-discipline, two qualities which are sadly lacking in this country today. Look into Marmion.


msruth October 25, 2012

do you think, a boy named sue is a good homework assignment for a forth graders homework, if so, can you please tell me just what is being taught it's by johnny cash, if you don't no it, look it up,. he also had to draw illistrations


maaahs2000 November 4, 2012

Why does everybody assume that msruth is the one at fault?? I am assuming she is a grand raising a grand like over 6,000,000 (estimation as of 2000 census both through the system and privately) others.

IF her gs goes to the same school my children do and is in the 4th grade assigned to a certain teacher I too would be concerned! Not only concerned, but I would have walked out with my child in tow if they refused the change the teacher! Said teacher has now been laid off due to poor performance (geeze that only took at least 6 yrs). She is fighting the lay off and I sure hope she looses and they are able to use my documentation to keep her out of there. Some times there are just horrible teachers teaching what they shouldn't teach! How much harm do we let a horrible teacher do before we stand up for our child/ren?

msruth, I am behind you! Do what you have to do to protect the child!


MagnetMom November 4, 2012

Remember, folks, this is a nationwide forum. Talk in generalities. There is very little likelihood that any of us are even in the same state or county let alone the same school district or school.



maaahs2000 November 4, 2012

Exactly MagnetMom! There are horrible teachers in many schools, in many states!



MomTeacher2 November 4, 2012

And many wonderful teachers in many states!


AlarmedNut November 5, 2012

A Boy Named Sue is the title of a poem by the celebrated children's author and poet Shel Silverstein. It is also the title of a song recorded by Johnny Cash as well as the title of a scholarly book of essays about the roles of men and women throughout the history of country music. Perhaps you should at least try reading the book with him and then discuss it with his teacher.

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