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Looking for a good school


vzuniga90 November 13, 2012

I am enrolling my daughter in the magnet program with the LAUSD for this upcoming school year, 2013-2014, she'll be in the 4th grade.
I am desperately trying to find a school that has either a good math/science or high ability/gifted program. My daughter is really good at math and is was also classified as Highly Gifted through a diagnostic conducted by a school psychologist recently. I am in dire need of advice on which schools are best suited for her and if I should opt for a math/science program or the latter. I appreciate any prompt help as the applications are due Fri., Nov 16th. Thank you so much for your time.


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MagnetMom November 15, 2012

If you can get into San Jose for fourth or fifth grade, she will be in with the cohort that goes to Portola for middle school as DrVicki alludes.

Good luck.


DrVicki November 14, 2012

Follow the highly gifted track. We do a long haul for the HGM in Tarzana. My son loves it. It is very challenging and he isn't bored like he was in elementary school. Also he found many friends/kindred spirits (fellow HG) when a more "normal" class left him feeling ostracized. You have to grab the spot when you can, e.g. In 6th, because there are rarely spots in 7th.


MagnetMom November 13, 2012

Hi vzuniga,

If she's been identified as highly gifted, you might want to look at San Jose HG magnet in Mission Hills as they sometimes have openings for upper grades. Additionally, Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies starts in 4th grade and goes through 12th grade.

The biggest issue you will have is that most schools don't start in 4th grade, so depending on how many points you have, you will be far down the wait list.

If you're not in the Valley there are other options. I'll be happy to help you if I can, but I need to know generally where you are.

Good luck.

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