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Moving from India, needs advice on elementary school


Bennyclem November 17, 2012


My daughter will complete 1st grade in 2012-13 academic year here in India. We are moving to Hinsdale, IL during 2013-14 aca'mic year. She is a Oct-born girl, so according to IL cut off date, she will be placed in 1st grade again... Is there anyway like taking tests to qualify etc wud make her go to 2nd grade....Also I am eying this Madison Elementary in Hinsdale, IL... How to send a mail to this school regarding this, can anybody guide, thanks

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Bennyclem November 24, 2012

Thanks Magnetmom for your reply... I mailed them, they said they will give her some assessment tests n hopefully she will be placed in 2nd grade if she did well. Keeping my fingers crossed.


MagnetMom November 23, 2012

Hi Bennyclem, and welcome to the parent community at GreatSchools.

There are a few options. First private schools are not as picky about the date when it comes to cutoffs for age. If your daughter has already finished first grade, so they'd test her and she'd likely be placed in second grade.

If you are going to focus on public schools it will be a bit harder. State mandates typically require specific date cutoffs for kinder and first grade. That said, most do have some work-around for students coming from other states or countries who have successfully mastered the work.

Start by contacting the district here:

Tell them your situation and ask how you can get your child placed in the appropriate grade.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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