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Annelies12 November 27, 2012

Good afternoon,
In march 2013, my family will be relocating to the US. We currently live in Brazil and my kids go to a daycare here. School schedule and year is different here and I am trying to figure out in which grade I will need to enroll my kids:
- My son will turn 6 on 9/26/2013
- My daughter will turn 4 on 12/09/2013
Would my son go to kindergarden our 1st grade?
How difficult is it to enter public schools?
Thank you.

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lizpo20 November 27, 2012

Best advise is to keep your record of their schooling together for life. Keep the sheet from the school of what they learn for the school year with each grade. As for your children with late birthdays, good chance they will be doing preschool another year. Depending on where you live and public vs. private school. Preschool in the state is generally 3 to 5. You pay. But late baby usaually repeat 5yrs preschool. Your son would be in K if here now but since he didn't start this year might want start for next school year with K. Check areas school board website on birthdate cut off and requirements of ablity.


msskarla November 27, 2012

it is easy to enroll kids into school here, all you have to do is find out wich is their home school (the closest school to your home) by doing this you will need to go to the elementary school district in your area that you will be moving to. ( you can look it up on your computer on google by typing in the city and state that you will move to and "elementary school district" it should show up there just get the phone # of the district, call and ask witch is your home school, and if you know already what your home school will be just go to the school and bring a bill like your home mortgage, gas and electric, phone or water bill usually they will ask for 2 bills and they have to be under your name or your husbands name. their immunization records (shots) witch also have to be up to date, and your 2 children birth certificates.
your son will probably attend Kinder
and your daughter Pre-School or Pre-K
it all depends to what state your moving to, education differs with different states, as well as with district's but mostly states.
they determine how many hours they attend schools, and the education program they will be given. Most of the time they have better education in other country's then in the USA I live in San Diego, Califofrnia and my kids attend here but I think I had a better education in Mexico. More advanced.


Annelies12 November 28, 2012

Thank you very much for the answers!!
We are moving to Denver, Colorado. We have not rented our bought a place and are actually looking into the neighborhoods.. one of the key elements are teh schools in teh neighborhood.
My fear is if we don't like the school that is closest to our house... can we opt for another?


MagnetMom November 28, 2012

Hi Annelies12,

Some districts allow for some form of open enrollment, but the caveat is that you have to live in the district to apply for it. As you narrow down your search, make sure you check the boundaries first here:

You can always switch schools after you move in, but it is easier if you haven't found a place to concentrate on the location and the school at the same time.

Good luck!

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