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confusedad November 28, 2012


I am moving to bay area in December as it will be mid year transfer from texas to california I am not sure how it works e.g.

1. If I rent an apartment near a good school, will I get admission in that school, I have heard most of school are overloaded, in that case how it is decided which school will be given to my child, is it by distance from house or any random criteria?

2. Suppose if all the school in the district are full, what happens in that case?

3. How open enrollment works, can I take admission in one school and apply to open enrollment to others? is there a site
which tells what schools have open-enrollment?

Thanks a lot, and I would appreciate any inputs on school selection, fremont vs cupertino etc etc

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Tysonsmommy November 29, 2012

Hi Confused dad, I also moved from the midwest(ks) to California and might be able to give you some input. I'm a realtor now and our searches are able to tell which school district you'd fall into however you're not always guaranteed that specific school just because you live close, but you stand a better chance so to speak. If you want to contact me, email me at

Best of Luck!

Rebecca Rook


MagnetMom November 29, 2012

Hi confusedad and welcome to the parent community at GreatSchools.

The Bay Area is a big area--with many school districts. Most districts are based on their zoning. If you move there, you'll attend a nearby school. It's not always the closest, because they do take into consideration heavily travelled streets and population trends. Districts like San Francisco Unified have an application process, which is a whole different situation.

I have not heard of an entire district being so overcrowded that they have to send students to another one.

Your questions are going to require you to narrow down where you are looking. Have you talked to your HR department? They can put you in touch with fellow employees that have kids with ages as your kids, and you can talk to them about the schools and commute times--which will be a huge issue in the Bay Area.

Also, contact a real estate professional. They'll be able to figure out what you want for housing (even rentals) and narrow down the choices with the schools you seek and the amenities in the neighborhood you want as well (parks, shopping, etc).

You might be able to get additional ideas for help by looking into the following communities:

Good luck.

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