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Pebbless December 6, 2012

Hello everyone!
We are moving to Oahu, HI and I am having such a difficult time with finding the right schools. I have not heard anything good about any specific area and this is starting to frustrate me as a parent, My daughter is in third grade and above average for her age. Any recommendations are immensely appreciated. Good evening

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Pebbless December 7, 2012

Aloha Dala!

Thank you so much for the input. We are looking into the Kaneohe area or Waipahu but haven't made a final decision. She has always attend private school here in Virginia and that tuition isn't bad either her tuition here runs around 6500. I just looked up the information on K12 sounds like it might also be an option for us.


dalariley December 6, 2012


We have lived here for 2.5 years and I certainly feel your pain as far as finding a good school here on Oahu. We currently live on Hickam AFB. We tried the public school district for the first year and were not pleased so we pulled our kids and put them into private school. We have been much happier since then. Calvary Chapel Christian School in Aiea is where they are going, I hear good things about Red Hill as well. Cost is 5500 a year for a 3rd grader. If you aren't interested in this route, a lot of people are doing the K12 online school. Hope this helps. If you know where you are going to be living, I can help you narrow it down to the schools in that area, however, I do feel private school here is a must if you want to prevent your child from getting too far behind. Dala

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