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moving to selma from new york


lina1215 December 30, 2012

im moving from new york and i was told terry is just a mile away i wanted to know how can you advice me on moving my kids to the school

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lina1215 January 2, 2013

Magnetmom thank you so much ur so helpful i'm moving into the selma area and i wont be there untill the end of the month i hope they have space for my daughter cause that school is only a 1 mile away from are home there


MagnetMom December 31, 2012

Hi lina1212,

GreatSchools is a nationwide parent community, so it's not clear where you're moving. I found a Terry Elementary in Selma here:

If this is Selma, CA and you're looking at Terry elementary, then they're out of school through Jan 7th. On that Monday, you'd walk into the office, with your children's birth certificates, immunization records, and a lease agreement/mortgage paperwork or a utility bill (since you might not have that yet, perhaps you will have the utility bill confirmation that they are turning service on). Additionally, it will be extremely helpful if you have any of the work your children have been doing--or any special designations they have including gifted or special needs.

If you call before you go in (there's no point in being there the second the office opens since there will be too much commotion with the first day back), they can confirm it's the right school for your address and suggest when you go in.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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