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Which Grade?


mavasa January 8, 2013

We will be moving to the USA during the last week of Jan 2013. Currently my daughter who is 8-1/2 yrs old is studying in Year 4 in the UK. When we put her in a school in the USA, which grade will she be taken into?


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MagnetMom January 8, 2013

Hi mavasa,

A child who's 8 1/2 would typically be in third grade. Contact the school early and see if her current school can forward her transcripts. The school will help put her in the right grade level.

Good luck!


mavasa January 10, 2013

Thanks! We will try that.

Can we contact the school before we land up in USA for school admissions?


riversinnj January 10, 2013

Just some more info for your reference- it may depend on the child's birthdate. The cut off for grade assignment is typically October 1st, but this can vary from state to state.

There is also flexibility- since my son was so close to our cut off (3 days) we opted to have him started kindergarten a year later due to his personality and development.

He was born in late Sept 2003 and is in the third grade currently. He is one of the oldest children in the grade as a result, but it was the right decision for him.

Good luck on your move!

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