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Moving from NJ to Fort Worth Area


riversinnj January 10, 2013

Our realtor recommended Mansfield or Aledo. Looking for any recommendations /experiences from this community. The info on the greatschools site is incredibly helpful- just looking for more specifics. Thanks.

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jkross January 12, 2013

I grew up in Mansfield then returned to teach there for 15 years. It really is a great school district and has maintained their quality education even though the district has grown tremendously in recent years. It had 8 elementary schools and one high school when I started teaching there and now has over 20 elementary schools and 5 high schools (plus a performing arts HS I think). Mansfield's drawback is that is has been closed in by surrounding cities (Arlington) and traffic, etc. has increased. It does have enough businesses, etc. to shop in town and not lack for anything. Another plus is that their HS is one of the schools that has created the $10,000 bachelor's degree in conjunction with UTA.

As far as Aledo, my husband grew up there and it is a great district as well. While it has grown a lot too, it is not quite at the rate of Mansfield. Both are big sports towns, but Aledo is REALLY into the sports programs. It has kept more of the small town feel, since it still only has one HS and like 3 elementary schools (the size of Mansfield 25 years ago). The town itself is small with not as many businesses, but shopping/malls are like 20 minutes away. Either is a great choice, depends on if you prefer a smaller town or don't mind the busy feel of a larger town.

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