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Before and After School Care


elewen January 15, 2013

Does anyone have ideas about how to arrange before and after school care for a student at Valley Vista Elementary? I need hours of 7am to 6pm. I cannot believe the school does not offer these hours for working parents!

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MagnetMom January 16, 2013

Hi elewen,

A couple of ideas.

If the school doesn't offer before and afterschool care, then ask around to see if a neighborhood parent will watch your child until they walk their kids to school and take them home afterward to get homework started.

If that solution doesn't work, have you asked what other working parents do? Some schools have outside services come to the school, pick the kids up by bus or van and then take them back to a central facility.

Since this is a nationwide community, we won't be able to get into specifics for you, but check your local "Y" and the park and rec for recommendations as well.


tiggerf150 January 16, 2013

One option you can check out is the local "Boys and Girls Club" They have a membership of $30 per year. No additional childcare fees. They have a computer lab for homework, a gameroom, gym, and art studio. You'd have to see if they pick up from your child's school or call and see if they can start a pick-up there. The ratios are pretty high so I wouldn't recommend it for little kids.

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