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Relocating to South Florida with 9 year old twins


davidrich January 17, 2013

Hello-I am relocating my family to South Florida and am just beginning the process of studying where to live. Obviously my main concern is choosing an area to buy a home in a good school district. I am open to living anywhere from Miami up to Ft. Lauderdale. I would really appreciate any input and help this community could give me as I begin this process. thank you! David

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NJRockazan January 18, 2013

I would suggest the town of Cooper for its excellent schools.


MagnetMom January 17, 2013

Hi davidrich,and welcome to the GreatSchools parent community.

I have a few suggestions. First, have you talked to a real estate professional? People in real estate are well positioned to tell you the areas that are well regarded for amenities, commute times, and schools.

Have you talked to the HR department at the new job? They can pair you with a coworker with similar aged kids and you can learn a lot.

I'm assuming you've already started to look at the Find a School feature, but you're looking at a pretty big swath of area, and I suspect you'll want to narrow it down some. But definitely check out:

And finally, here's a great article with more points:

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