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When to move??


jamie1515 January 17, 2013

My family is relocating to a state that ends the school year in May. Our current school gets out in June. I have a first grader and sixth grader; does it affect their progression into the next grade if they move June 1st which is before the end of our current schools year?

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MagnetMom January 17, 2013

Hi jamie1515,

With schools that start as early as late July and as late as mid-September, you can imagine that your scenario is not all that different. Typically for elementary school, the last few weeks aren't that critical, but if the sixth grader is in middle school, you'll want to find out whether he or she can take finals before you leave.

You'll also want to contact the schools in your new city before you leave so you're registered before the first day of school when the fall starts. It's such a short difference in time, you will be fine with a little planning.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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