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SteenaD January 21, 2013


We have decided to move to USA from UK. Our son will be 8 in March. Over here he is in year 3 at school, they start school age 4 with reception which i believe is class 1 for you guys. I am totally confused about how it will work for him school wise.As I know how to chose a school in UK and what to look for , i am totally confused when it comes to the american school system. My question will be- what class/year will he be put in, giving the fact that he has been into school since 4 years old. And also what makes a "good" school in USA. Grades, community, scores? Many thanks,
a confused and worried mother :D

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MagnetMom January 21, 2013

Hi SteenaD,

Typically families start kindergarten at age 5, so in the fall he'll likely be our third grade. Bring examples of his work, and the school will make sure he's in the right level. Many students here attend preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten before attending the numeric grades, so don't worry about how we number the grades.

And as for good schools, you have it right: While people will come up with different ways to rank the individual components, generally, test scores, parental involvement, stability of the teaching staff, and other things are all considered when parents talk about good schools.

To start your search, go to

Good luck.

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