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amygoff January 22, 2013

Hi- our daughter is starting Kinder this August and I was wondering if anyone has input/suggestions?
Our main schools of interest are Miller, Emerson, and Jefferson.
BUSD seems to be good all around- but one never knows.

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MagnetMom January 23, 2013

Hi amygoff,

You'll want to read the parent reviews for each school. Type the school names in here:

And you can compare the test scores and read those parent reviews and narrow down the choices. Keep in mind, the school boundaries will likely dictate where your child attends. Those boundaries are here:

If the district has school choice heed the dates and make sure you get your applications in completed and on time.

Good luck.


amygoff January 24, 2013

Hi MagnetMom--thanks for the reply.
I have read the reviews and test scores- I have marked all dates on the calender to submit our applications--so I am ready- just looking for more recent reviews. It seems strange to me one needs to do all this for public schooling- but such is life in LA LA land, right? :)

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