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noragars January 24, 2013

Im so new w the public school...But doing my research on how the system works, I become so upset w LAUSD system. My son is 5 (born in Nov), and they will not take him in. I moved to a very good area, just for my son to have a good public school. What do those parents do, how do they come up w the tuition for privates school? Know I have to spend 3 years in private school for my son .....I wish that LAUD will drop this (.....) year cut date...its not far for all the kids out there w the same situation ...DO WE NEED TO PLAN OUR KIDS, TO TAKE THEM TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS?

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MagnetMom January 24, 2013

Hi noragars, and welcome to the Parent Community at GreatSchools. Don't blame the district. This is a statewide law that's being phased in over 3-4 years.

Most parents are opting for Transitional Kindergarten, which is still free, and part of the same state law.

It is frustrating. I have a son who was a November baby, and he got to go early--which was great, he was reading when he enrolled in kinder. Ten years later, his sister (a March baby) went to kinder and things were wildly different--stronger standards and a much longer day. If I had to do it again, I'm not sure I'd send him to school.

Some people call it the 'gift of time' as there will be kids who will turn six as early as the summer, alongside some of the younger kids--making them 15 months or more older than their classmates. Even the brightest kids have trouble competing with such an unequal playing field.

Given that school starts in August now, the soon to be September cutoff doesn't seem so unfair, because kids could be four for the entire first semester of kinder.

If you have questions about Trans-K in your area, please respond, and I'll help you find the transitional kindergarten programs in your area.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.


cindy23 February 3, 2013

I understand your frustration. Mine is of a different kind. My son is a June 27th baby and is the youngest in his class. There are 16 other kids that are so much older maturity wise and we have had a difficult time with getting the school to understand that he is not going to be as capable of understanding certain things like the older children. As far as the school work he is right on level with kids that went to pre-k unlike mine. I chose not to send him b/c of how young he would be compared to the others, I chose to prepare him myself at home and I am glad I did. Just know that you are not alone. And as the other comment said it is all schools in general. I do agree that the cut-off time needs to be reevaluated!


tantuc February 3, 2013

My younger son was born in October. He is in 2nd grade now. We intentionally waited a year and sent him to 1st grade right before he turned 7 (he was in a Waldorf-inspered charter school for kindergarden, so he didn't learn how to read there). Let me tell you, I''m glad we did. He was behind in reading and writing skills at the beginning of the 1st grade, but then surpassed his classmates. He is in gifted and talented program now. Starting later is actually better. Child's brain has to reach certain milestones to be able to handle classroom learning. Doesn't matter how smart a child is, his brain is still developing at the same rate. I've done a lot of research on the matter because my older son has a learning disability.


Waithira February 3, 2013

As a mother of an 8yr old son who is in 3rd grade. (He just made the cut-off with a Sep 30 birthday), I don't think there is an advantage to an early start, especially with boys. In fact, as one of the posts said, sometimes a delay is better.


hatedumbrules2 February 3, 2013

I know the feeling too. But it's been that way a while, even at the private schools. My daughter was born in September. She missed the September 1st cut-off. LOL. She has ALWAYS been at the top of her ASSIGNED grade and is even ahead of her friends in the next grade up as far as being able to read, spell, write, and math work. I would have prefered her to be in with the next grade up. ALL her friends were in the next grade just for being only a few weeks older. I feel that her being forced to be with the "babies" in K4 (some were still pissing on themselves back then, couldn't write names, etc.) hurt her academically and socially somewhat. But in her school's case, according to what we've heard, most of the kids in the grade level ahead aren't that good of students. It turns out the kids in her grade are pay attention better than the grade ahead of them. So for us it all works out in the end. If you feel your child needs to be the next grade up, you can get him tested if born before September 17th (we stiil missed that cut-off) or wait 'til older and he/she can test out really high. I really think it should be individually based. I know June-August kids who should be put in a lower grade level, then some September-November kids that could handle the expectations of being in the next grade up. Socially, they will make new friends and eventually adjust as long as don't feel held back or pushed too hard. Grade level placement should be based on capability not just one cut-off date. It is frustrating when you know your child should be in a different grade (up or down) than dictated.


gbauer February 6, 2013

What is a magnet school. Frustrated about the cut off date and looking for an affordable way to educate my 4 yr old granddaughter.Located in the SWFlorida, Lee county area. Help anyone. Daycare just seems like a waste.

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