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Relocating from Gary, IN/Chicago, IL to Orlando, FL


reginaking11 January 29, 2013

Any suggestions for an elementary school (public for now) for a student who is coming from a gifted school? My son will be going to the 4th grade next year. Thanks.

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MagnetMom February 1, 2013

Hi reginaking11, and welcome to GreatSchools parent community.

You can start here: You'll be able to compare parent reviews and ratings, and go from there.

Also you might want to check out the Orlando GreatSchools community here:

Good luck and let us know what happens.


zanmc2 February 5, 2013

We relocated from within Florida to the Orlando area this past summer. I checked into all of the schools and we decided to move to Longwood, FL, which is just north of Orlando. It is in Seminole County, which has much better schools than Orange County. It is also a very family friendly area. We live in Sabal Point, a neighborhood in the Wekiva Springs section of Longwood. We are zoned for Sabal Point Elementary, which has been great. I have a son who started Kindergarten this year (he misses the FL cutoff of Sept 1st by 3 weeks, so he was almost 6) and with a little urging, got the principal to test him and he was moved to 1st grade within weeks. They also tested him for gifted and he was put into that program as well. I also have a son who is learning disabled. They have been very diligent in getting him extra assistance. The whole school is terrific, I highly recommend it. We are also in the middle of a rezoning in Seminole County, so depending on when you are moving, be sure to check the new zones once they are determined. Sabal Point Elementary pulls from a small area around us, but I think right now the word is that only our subdivision (Sabal Point) is safe to stay at SPE. It's a big deal around here to make sure you're at SPE.

Good Luck!

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