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Valeriefr February 6, 2013

We're about to move this summer to Albany with our 3 sons aged 3, 8 and 11. They don't speak english at all and we are looking for a pre school, elementary school and middle school for them. The best (I think...) would be schools with courses in French and English so that they are not completly lost :-)... Does such a school exist in Albany, near Albany? Is there a kind of international school..?
Thank you very much for your answers,

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hollypol February 7, 2013

Bonjour Valerie,
In New York State students who speak a language other than English and who are not proficient in English are referred to a program to help them transition smoothly into school. The schools take an active role in their learning and helps them every step of the way so they won't feel completly lost. The program is called (ESL) English as a Second Language. I am not sure about an international school per say, however for instance Bethlehem Central School located in Albany, NY does have an excellent record in education/ESL program for international students, or any student in need of learning the English language, (as do many others). You can contact any school in the area, and they will explain how it works, and they will help you every step of the way.
Well, I hope this helps :) Good Luck!
Holly Polsinelli-Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


TeacherParent February 7, 2013

I did a google search for you and could not find an international school in or near Albany. Albany is not a large city like New York - or Paris.

Your children will learn English quickly - especially the preschooler. Rather than search for an international school, I'd search for what school district in or near Albany would be a good one. Real estate agents are very reluctant to speak about the varying quality of school districts.

Saratoga is a very nice community fairly close to Albany.
Welcome to the U.S.!

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