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Moving and need help finding a great elementary school !!


mouth820 February 7, 2013

Hello I need help we are re-locating to the cleveland area because my husbands work and I am looking for the best elementary school in the area, my boys are going into the 1st and 3rd grade and i want them to be in a school that is fun,does alot of activities, secure, and most important i want them to feel confident and comfortable. their old school is just wonderful and i want them to be ok with the school.I am very nervous about moving and I dont know the area at all, can you please guide me in the right direction!!!

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janlm0212 February 7, 2013

Check out the Brecksville-Broadview Heights School district. It is just south of Cleveland. The city of Brecksville is a small town much like Noblesville and the schools have an excellent rating. I'm a senior citizen and don't have children in school. My husband is a graduate of the system though. Brecksville is part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park system so there is lots to do in our area for children. The commute to Cleveland is probably like the commute to Indianapolis. My son and his family lived in Noblesville for four years, moved to Naperville IL for two years and they are now building a home in Noblesville at Twin Oaks. If they ever move to the Cleveland area this school system is the one the would put there children in as they are very particular about where their children are educated. I hope this helps you.


kmel724 February 8, 2013

My daughter goes to William Cullen Bryant elementary. It is part of the Cleveland municipal school district but it is the best one. My daughter Loves this school. They teach at a more accelerated level then the other Cleveland public schools. They are always doing fundraiser for this school. She went to denison elementary prior to this one and that school does not hold a candle to this one. I had to ask my husband if her school was a private school because i was shocked to find out is was a cleveland public school. Nice neighborhood, awesome teachers, good students.

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