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Moving to the SF Bay Area


amandaj75 February 9, 2013

Hi there. I need help please! We are looking to move to the Bay Area in a couple of months (Los Altos/Los Gatos/Palo Altos/Mountainview) - with our 1st Graders. Can anyone recommend great schools with good after school programes. Also is there a website where i can type in the address of a property and it will tell me which school district it falls under? Many thanks

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MagnetMom February 10, 2013

Hi Amandaj75,

You'll have a few options to find local parents. GreatSchools San Francisco Community is here:

And San Jose is here:

GreatSchools school finder will help you locate schools in the area you like, by comparing ratings and parent reviews. School Finder is here:

You can also use the Boundaries Map to find out where each school zone ends. That's located here:

Good luck, and let us know what you decide!

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