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best elementary school and best summer programs request


tstowe1 February 9, 2013

Hi we will be staying with my sister in her home in Santa Clarita. I have 2 children, one 7 and one 4. We plan on buying a home of our own in the Stevenson Ranch area because they seem to have the best schools in the area, Can anyone shed some light on the intra-district requests and how you can use them to change our child to another school successfully? also as far as the best preschool and summer camp fun programs....which are the top 3 for me to tryout over the summer break? and about how much they might cost? Thanks for any help you can offer us, Tamara Stowe

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MagnetMom February 10, 2013

Hi tstowe1, and welcome to GreatSchools parent community.

You're moving just a quick drive north of me. You've already found out that unlike most of Los Angeles, which is one gigantic school district for nearly 700K children, the Santa Clarita Valley is made up of many small districts--I think it's seven or so.

Your best bet to learn the inter- and intra-district permitting rules would be to contact both the district where you live AND the one you wish to attend. There are deadlines, and now that we're in February, it's likely they are quickly approaching.

Stevenson Ranch is served by Newhall SD which is located here

And you can find the rest of the school districts here:

To narrow down your searches for school, make sure you check out Great Schools Find-A-School feature:

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

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