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Son traumatized by principal


jlynnvee February 24, 2013

May 20, 2011, my son being a 1st grader , was dragged backwards from his classroom, up the hall to the principals ofgfice by the principal. She also told him she would call police on him, my son was only 7 at the time, he came home vomiting, I assumed he was getting sick, until I opened his book bag , and there was a letter from the principal. IOf course
I became every angry after my son gave me details of what happened,I removed him from that school immediately. I brought her before the county school board, but they upheld that woman. I wish I could let it go, but unfortunately I dont believe my son received any justice, and this went on his permanent school record.

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MagnetMom February 26, 2013

Hi jlynnvee, and welcome to the GreatSchools Parent Community.

My heart goes out to your son. How traumatic. Have you moved him to another school?

I would focus on getting him well, and making sure he doesn't suffer long-lasting effects of this incident. Or have his behavior escalate due to the trauma.

As for his permanent record, I wouldn't worry so much. An incident in first grade will not follow him very long. Indeed my son was suspended in second grade for the day for overflowing the urinal, and he got into great middle schools, high schools and attended college on nearly a full ride.


tntmomwhocares February 26, 2013

Hi jlynnvee


1234mets March 2, 2013

We would need to know what your son did to warrant the principal to drag your son down the hall backwards? Their are a few exceptions that come to mind. Like -

1) Did he try to threaten another student with a sharp object or have a weapon?

2) Did he pull his pants down and expose himself and/or urinate in the classroom?

3) Did he start a fire in the classroom?

I apologize but I really need to know what happened before I pass my judgement.


martin4024 March 5, 2013

1234mets, I can't believe your answer! No one has the right to touch our children. Even if he did those things..... he is 7!
If this principal has to resort to this she needs alot of help. Anger management training???

1234mets are you related to this principal?


aly2amaya March 5, 2013

Hi may i ask which school?

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