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How do the preschool children adjust to being in school?


Thef150 March 10, 2013

We will be moving to this school district from queens and have a four year old son, wanted to get some info on the school.

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MagnetMom March 11, 2013

Hi Thef150, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

If your child has been in preschool they already know the routine. Kindergarten teachers are well acquainted with separation anxiety and how to make children comfortable in a new routine.

Since GreatSchools is a nationwide parent community, you'll want to look for the parent reviews for the specific school by looking here: Type in the school name and look for the reviews tab. You'll also be able to check the school's rating, check test scores, and find out plenty of information about your new school.

Good luck.


Thef150 March 12, 2013

Thank you, my family and I are looking forward to being in a new school district.


jaksbackpack March 13, 2013

Hi Thef150,

We're posting your query in our newsletter so that hopefully you'll get some more helpful replies in the community.

We also have a few articles about kindergarten readiness and prep. Here's one I like:

You can find more on the kindergarten topic center, too:

Best of luck with the move!
- Jessica, a GreatSchools editor


Tiana10 March 15, 2013

I like to go on the internet cuzzz it tells you a lot of stuff and my son I gron look in first grgade:)


Tiana10 March 15, 2013

sighn them up to get in school

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