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djames March 13, 2013

My wife and I have a 5yo & a 1yo. Since our income is from an online job, we can live anywhere in the U.S. We're only limited by our income. We are looking for a school district where the elementary, middle and high school are rated "10" and average monthly rent is relatively low. Any suggestions of an "affordable" neighborhoods with high rated schools?

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muley29 March 25, 2013

We live in St. Johns, Florida and love the schools around here and the community. It was ranked by Forbes and Greatschools number 9 in the county for The Best Schools For Your Real Estate Buck. We use common core education here and all of our High Schools have academies. My kids attend Switzerland Point Middle School. St. Johns county was also just named the healthiest county in Florida.


lynn24 March 25, 2013

Ocala, Florida...Eighth Street Elementary, Osceola middle and Forest High School. Also, the magnet schools NH Jones, Madison Street, Howard Middle and then onto Forest High school.


djames March 31, 2013

Whoa! Thank you everyone for all your helpful suggestions. I will look into all of them. And thanks for the link, muley29.


djames May 14, 2013

So far, I've only found two neighborhoods with the trifecta of a ten score for elementary, middle and high school. Manilius NY and Mason, Ohio. Both of them have relatively "affordable" rental homes.

I am sure there are many more. Florida has a lot of elementary and middle school tens, but I have yet to locate a neighborhood with the trifecta of a ten score for elementary, middle and high school.

But, FL does have a bit better bang for the buck in rental homes.

Frustrating. Any more suggestions?


lisasgrd May 28, 2013

I understand your worry about a 10 school, but think it is important how you help at home. The rate is not 100% accurate, depend of each one opinion and experience. your selection can take in consideration what other activities they offer like, sport, art class, after school program available. I recommend the Elementary School ps-31 in Brooklyn, NY, #1 in NY. A lot of parents take 30 minutes driving for have their children there, you wont be disappoint. The rent is about 1,500 to 2,000 o live in nearby neighborhood.


user5190277 August 28, 2013

A wonderful place to raise your family where the elementary, middle and high school are rated 10 and average monthly rent can be found at about $2,000.00 for a three bedroom house is in Irvine, Ca. 92614. Look at Meadow Park Elementary School, South Lake Middle School and University High School. The City of Irvine is extremely wonderful to raise a family, It has everything: sense of community, great parks, great schools, close to everything and affordable! Good luck with your search!


djames November 4, 2013

We ended up moving to Sharon, Massachusetts. Not exactly a cheap place to live. But after doing our research on best public schools in the country by state, which included reading Amanda Ripley's excellent book "
The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way," and doing other research, we learned that Massachusetts public schools trounced all other states academically (SEE: Massachusetts boosts academic success with tough standards ( .

Then MONEY Magazine's annual ranking of the best places to live in America ranked Sharon, MA #1, so that narrowed down WHERE to live in Massachusetts.

So far so good. Our daughter is loving 1st grade and we're very pleased with her school (Heights Elementary). Also, we LOVE Sharon MA! We go to Lake Massapoag beach or the ocean, is an easy drive on hot summer days. Plus, Boston is only a half hour drive.


marchetti202 November 6, 2013

Glad to hear you found a great place where you are happy! We are in a similar situation but need a great special education program as well. Do you have any thoughts on the special education program where you are? Any advice would be appreciated!


brettsmom February 26, 2014

Don't forget that you actually have to LIVE in the community you move to. The school or schools might be highly rated but then the entire family looks around and thinks "is this where we want to be??" Not just the kids but the teens (which they will be eventually) and the adults.

I live in a very expensive city, Los Angeles, CA with not the best public school system. Not recommending you move here given your post. However, most of us live here because we really want to and we go to great lengths to have our kids in the best schools here. Magnet Mom is right, one person's 10 is another person's 6. Top rated school in Los Angeles vs. top rated school in rural someplace, just saying. I have also been told to look most closely at the school where my son is at and the next one coming, not two or three down the road. My son in 5th grade is starting to receive his acceptance letters to the best middle schools in town. Just more legwork and don't forget those brass knuckles! :)

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