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jcbruder April 2, 2013

I believe that summer is too long, and for the past several years, have had my children tutored for summer enrichment. Unfortunately, our tutor is moving. Rather than find another, I am hoping to find online programs specifically for writing and math. I don't want a program that is just games or worksheets. My children are in third and fourth but both are above grade level so I need something that will challenge them. Does anyone have good resources?

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yvonnelisa July 24, 2013

For summer vacation, I use beestar for DD every year. The summer math, reading, science programs are helping her prepare for the coming semester, and she loves to compete on it with other kids from a lot of other states... Pretty cool.


Tiana10 June 5, 2013

they do that to let the kids have rest idk why but i dont like it


pcauger April 15, 2013

Have you looked into Kahn Academy online? It would take care of the math and/or science aspect. It is not "designed" for kids with disabilities, but it works great for my daughter (currently a 6th grader). She has down syndrome. It takes kids from 3rd grade through college level. It was initially developed to help high school and college kids prepare for the SAT/ACT/MCAT, etc. It is completely free, but they ask for donations now and then. You as a parent can "design" a program and goals to work on, or you can let the kids explore the different areas. It is set up like a constellation - each area of math its own - and they are linked to move through the program. There are videos to "teach" and problems to "practice" and depending on accuracy requires more/less to "master" the skills. Good luck.


wkatolik April 14, 2013

I have used ALEKS very successfully both in tutoring individual students and in the regular classroom. It isn't free BUT is priced very reasonably.
Here's the link to their website:
Your kids will skip at least one or more grades in school if they use ALEKS over the summer.


mdorn05 April 3, 2013

If your child is gifted/high achiever, they can take CTY classes.

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