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moving to chatham nj in June


ctempone April 8, 2013

My son is on the Autism Spectrum. His difficulties are primarily social and emotional. His behavior gets better or worse depending on who he is around. So I went against the school districts decisions and mainstreamed him

He is the kind of kid that hears something once and remembers it but then will not show his teacher that he knows the work. If he did, he knows they would demand more from him. On the Spectrum his is considered as PDD-NOS, though they are bunched in with Autistic children the usual Autistic plan the school follows doesn't work well. I know he is learning since he flies through his homework and he has pretty advanced conversations for a child that just turned 6.

I am not one of those parents who see their child as a super intelligent prodigy. I know his limits and have been trying to help him to understand them. We are moving to Central New Jersey after this school year ends and am wondering how to get the school district to understand that all Autistic child do not fit in to their cookie cutter plans.

thank for any ideas.

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