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Daniella12 April 18, 2013

I am being transferred from Brazil to Florida on June. I have a 10 years old son and he does not speak English. I have received good recomendation about the ESOL program but I don´t know if will be the best for him. I would kindly request for some information about English for Brazilian student. We are searching for a home in Weston. Thanks in advance

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MagnetMom April 29, 2013

Hi Daniella12, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

Public schools will work hard to get your child up to speed in English. ESOL programs in Florida should really be well-equipped to help your child. As you know where you are moving, it will be easier to focus your efforts.

You can compare school ratings and read parent reviews by visiting here:

In the meantime, have your son watch cartoons and TV showsnon Youtube in English with the captions on. It will help.


Kattia758 April 30, 2013

He is 10 so he will be just fine. He will probably grow up with no accent. while he is still in Brazil encourage him to listen to music in english. Singing, even if not well will help him to get comfortable with the language. He should watch tv in english with english subtitles. This will help as he will hear, read and see the words. My husband came from Chile at 21 years old and although he has an accent, his english is perfect. He credits doing all of the above. He never took one english class. Hope this helps.

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