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Butlle on sea


Demila April 18, 2013

I'm Érica, I'm techer in elementary schol in Brazil and I so bad to writh englis.
I find a butle in Brazil's sea whit lettres and i think that could be yours.
My friend, english teather in my scholl, and I think to anser this lettlers.
We are so happy to try this friendership betwen diferent scholls in diferent cowntry.
Plese confirm if this buter is yous.
By, Érica.

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Demila April 21, 2013

I'll send a post, together the students.
Ok, tanks


MagnetMom April 21, 2013

I get the same emails as you did. Perhaps you can send a post card or something. Sorry :(


Demila April 21, 2013

If you can make contact with the school, can give my email to them:
Hugs and thank you!


Demila April 21, 2013

I found the following email at:
- <>;
- <>;

But all emails are coming back! I can not send messages and connect will be too expensive for me! Just wanted to warn them that received the bottle and we'll answer it! Could you try this, by email, to give such notice to the school, please!


MagnetMom April 20, 2013

Try this website: The phone number and address are there.

Let us know what happens!


Demila April 20, 2013

I understand: Acres Green Elementary School GA.


MagnetMom April 19, 2013

Hi Demila,

What is the name of the school you are looking for? I can then help you find a way to contact them.


Demila April 19, 2013

Hi, Magnet!
I think so difficult to find things in english in internet. I not find the school in internet, just this site!
Really I need some help!

I would like to say to this school, that the botlle was find and I and my friend, other teacher in school that now english very well, will work that letters with our students.

Tank you so much!!!!


MagnetMom April 18, 2013

Hi Erica,

You posted on a website for parents finding the right school. GreatSchools is not connected to any specific school. You should try to send an email to the school directly.

If you need help finding information on that school, let me know and I will help you find contact information.

Good luck!

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