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Help appreciated :) Arriving to Burbank area with 6yo autistic son


brit2burbank April 21, 2013

Hello Community :O)
I have just been offered a job in Burbank so will be sorting out visas and aiming to arrive August.
I have spoken to the Burbank Special Needs office of the School District, who tell me that I should secure an address in Burbank and then approach them with details of my address and my 6yo son (Sonny) details and they will arrange school. It seems like it will be frantic to get him placed like that and I'd prefer to set it all up before arriving, on the other hand they do seem to know what they're doing and I guess this is a fairly regular and smooth process (?!?). I'm a bit jittery so any advice would be appreciated !!
Many thanks all for listening !

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MagnetMom April 28, 2013

Hi brit2burbank, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

You do have a lot on your plate, so I know it's hard to relax. But listen to the folks at the Special Ed office. Burbank schools are highly regarded (some people purposely get jobs in the district so they can transfer their kids in).

For public schools in the U.S., you do absolutely need an address so you will be within the boundaries of that district. If it makes you feel better, call back and ask which schools have better programs, and then focus your house hunting to those neighborhoods.

Be advised schools in Burbank do start in early August, so time will be of the essence. Perhaps, if you can get your lease signed (or your mortgage), you can submit that as proof so they can start on his paperwork faster. The HR department of your employer might be able to help navigate some of this for you--as well as putting you in touch with parents from the same company who live in the area.

You can glean some idea of which schools you'd like to focus on by visiting and checking the ratings--and also paying special attention to the parent reviews.

Best of luck, and welcome to the San Fernando Valley. Burbank is a great place to live with plenty for families to do. :)

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