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Worried about my stepchild's transition


hajime2k May 21, 2013

My fiancee and her 7 year old son are coming over from Eastern Europe this year. On one hand I'm happy, but I worry about the boy's educational development. Fortunately his mom speaks fluent English while I speak a bit of Russian.

I'm not thrilled with the home school, so I'm trying my best to avoid it all together. Any way I look at it he will be a minority. I worry about him feeling isolated, the possibility of him being bullied or intimidated, and other stuff.

Does anyone have ideas for me that could make this transition somewhat smooth?

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TeacherParent May 21, 2013

Children learn their second language fairly quickly - most communities have Russian speaking communities also. It's hard to know what you mean by avoiding your home school altogether but if you have other options, it's a good idea to visit other schools and ask questions as to how they help their non-English speaking students.
Let him take classes like karate or swimming or musical lessons- things to boost his self esteem, hear English and keep him pleasantly busy. Soccer is played the world over - let him join local sports clubs.
Have him watch English language movies and cartoons while he's still in Russia. He'll likely grow up speaking two languages and that's a wonderful thing.

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