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toraalsmom June 9, 2013

This school year was really bad and has caused problems with my children. Just a few issues we have had this year, I requested to home school my children and never received an approval letter, teachers and the principal bulled and threatened (the way they were threatened was being told they were good students and if they did not sign then they would be bad) children sign papers I did not what them to sign, the principal told me that a title I compact was federal law, the special education director stated that doctor's notes for personal FM system is only a suggestion and the school does not have to follow it, my child was threatened and cubby, place in line and seat was changed because the other child has rights, lastly the school stated my children needed services and I said fine but not with the adjustment councilor and the school reported me to DCF ( child Protective) because I requested someone else. My question is what are my options and where can I get help? I have great concerns that until school is out I will continue to have to deal with the school calling DCF if I sneeze wrong.

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