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starting kindergarten???


jtirado727 July 21, 2013

my son is turning 4 on oct 15. I believe he is ready for kindergarten mentally and emotionally. Is there any way to get around the october 1st cut off rule?

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MagnetMom July 21, 2013

Hi jtirado727,

I assume you're talking about for next year, when he's almost 5. I can't think of a way to get a child into kindergarten at not-yet-4, anywhere.

Kindergarten cutoffs are for public schools. One way families get around it is to go with private school for two years (districts typically also have an age cut off for first grade as well). Private schools typically rely on testing to determine readiness, so they're less hung up on hard dates.

That said, make sure you read up on red-shirting for kindergarten, because so many of the kids will be a full 18 months older than your son that even if he's ready just before he turns 5, he'll be in school with kids who are already six and turned six in late spring or early summer. It's considered a gift of time, and it works to their advantage and will make your son's age seem all the more obvious.

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