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principal tricked me !!


privatenyc530 September 19, 2013

My daughter moved from a decent private school to a public school which lacks in few areas especially science,technology ,spanish /french languages, and the curriculum in public school is core curriculum
when we asked the principal of the public school to test to see if she accelerated they gave very tough 6th grade questions and said the acceleration program in public school and when we started her in the public school they were teaching straight multiplications 2 digits in the 5th grade!!

She was applying for 5th grade accelerated program.

the instruction is also 3 hours reading and 3 hours math straight ,my daughter is a bright kid but she says straight 3 hours of math is boring.

how do i help her make up for this big loss and help her ?
Your help is greatly appreciated

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MagnetMom September 22, 2013

Hi privatenyc530,

Can you move her back to her previous school? If there's no room there at this point, perhaps you can buy the books and have her follow along to keep her close to her peers in the classes her current school doesn't offer.

If you are stuck where you are now, it's not uncommon for parents to supplement at home. I've been doing it for years with each of my kids, depending on what I thought they weren't getting.

Classes are often offered at the park and recreation department, private tutors, and other local places that can make up for some of it.

Good luck, and let us know how it's going.


privatenyc530 September 22, 2013

Thank you ,keeping her close to peers and supplementing her is a great idea
i will do that

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