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Any schools still do tracking?


user5299580 September 21, 2013

I am 50-something, and all my life there have been chicken littles saying the schools are terrible and getting worse, it's a crisis etc. I rolled my eyes; it was never true. Until now perhaps, ironically because of dimwit government policies designed to address the school crisis that never was before. Not to mention local government financial squeezes since the 2008 crash.
Now it seems most schools care only about the top 2% TAG (maybe) and the bottom third who might or might not pass the test. The rest of the students are an after-thought or non-thought.
It seems to me nowdays that 3-track or 4-track academic programs are the only way above average but non-TAG students will get education that maximizes their potential, and I wonder if any of those still exist? Recommendations appreciated; we are looking for a place to move.

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