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2nd Grade Spelling Words


user5334298 October 22, 2013

This is the list for my 2nd grader:


I am puzzled by the words 6-9. These are writing skills the kids work on, but they seems an odd, perhaps useless choice for 2nd grade spelling words.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

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MagnetMom October 22, 2013

A friend's 2nd grader had "Skype" recently. We all thought that was odd. I can at least see why they are using the words. Even 2nd graders should learn how to revise and use multiple drafts of a story.


TeacherParent October 25, 2013

There are published spelling programs but not every school by any means uses the published curriculum. A number of years ago someone had the idea that spelling words and vocabulary words should come from the class reading or some class activity. Whether that's a good idea or not is another matter altogether - it will be defended as 'relevant'. Your child's teacher has clearly been taught this practice of choosing 'relevant words' for the weekly spelling list.

The fact is - there is no research - there are no studies that underlie many of the things we do in schools. You'd like to believe that there is research that shows the antibiotic your doctor gives you is an effective one. You might like to believe that every teaching practice is based on research but very few are.

And this one certainly isn't. Increasingly it seems that education in our country no longer considers the developmental realities of children. Kindergarten children are being asked to write essays. 1st graders are told to write 'research papers'. And 2nd graders are given trustworthiness as a spelling word when many of them can't spell 'trust' or know what 'worthy' means.

In the final analysis, you'd like your children to have a teacher who fundamentally understands that tasks in school should be geared to the developmental realities of children. A long ago educational philosopher told teachers "Start where the child is at."

If a child needs 'so' and 'some' and 'would' as spelling words, then it makes No sense to also be given trustworthiness. On top of that, there's no research that tells us that having children memorize the spelling of words really teaches children how to spell... If spelling is truly being instructed, then words should be given in word families - rake, bake, cake, lake. The list of spelling words should be based on words of similar phonetic construction.

At least with this list four of the words end in 'ing' - and at least the list is only 10 words, not 20 but my honest thoughts would be - this is a sadly silly list and I agree with you there's a certain uselessness to having 2nd graders use their time and energy memorizing 'trustworthiness' - that's not even a word we use. Trustworthy as an adjective gets used - I've never in my life had occasion to say something lacks trustworthiness. It's an awkward noun and if I used it I'd say this list given out by your child's teacher lacks 'trustworthiness' - something like this list would make me wonder about the teacher who gives out such a list.

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