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Changing Schools Mid Year


user5399961 January 16, 2014

We are locating to a new area in February where my daughter age 6 will be entering a new school in Kindergarten. We have approximately a month overlap of homes and can commute between the two. Is it advisable to give her "time off" during the move to help with the transition and have here get used to her new home & neighborhood? Or is it better to have her start at her new school as soon as possible?

I thought maybe a week or two off between schools might help her feel a part of the moving process and help her feel more "settled" when she begins her adventure at the new school.

thanks for the feedback!

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MagnetMom January 16, 2014

There is so much going on in kindergarten these days, I'd hate to see a child take a week off to just sit around. The sooner she's involved and making friends, the better. It will help with the transition. She can be part of the move in many ways that don't require her missing school.

Make sure you give the old school the headsup so her friends can say goodbye and the teacher can prepare her work, so you can show the new school what she's been working on. Since they're so close, get to the new school and make sure they know you're coming and can make the transition seamless.

Good luck!


TeacherParent January 28, 2014

Moving is so much work and not much of it if any of it is fun. You could do some moving on a weekend and have your daughter feel a part of the process on a weekend rather than school days. Maybe the Friday before that weekend - make that her last day at her old school and alert the teacher - a small send off party at school is a nice thing for all the children. Then after the weekend, have her start her new school on Monday.

The other reason that might be a good approach is that children in transition between two schools spend a lot of their thinking time wondering about their new school and they usually worry a fair bit about it too. Will I like my new school and my new teacher? Will I have friends? Rather than have her worry about that at home, she could be in school and finding out that her new school is a fine school with a good teacher and lots of new friends.

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