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How can I help keep my son from talking so much in school? Will placing him in a different environment help?


micahdjohns August 21, 2009

My son is 7 years old and is in the first grade. He is an extremely bright child with a third grade reading level and good math skills but he has a hard time being quite when he is around other children in class. I often think that this is due to him not being challenged enough but I an not always sure that this is the case. I talked to his kindergarten teacher all year last year about this and asked for her to give him extra work but never got anything additional sent home. He has only been in school two days and his teacher has already sent home a note saying he has trouble being quiet. Do you have any suggestions?

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healthy11 August 22, 2009

Your son sounds like he could be gifted and bored, or he could be gifted and have an attention deficit. A different classroom environment with a different teacher might help, it might not. Does your school offer gifted programming? (Many schools don't, or if they do, it's not until 3rd grade or so.) How does your son act at home? Does he interrupt you/friends on a "regular" basis? Does he start tasks and finish them without a lot of reminders, even when they're not his "favorite" things to do? Have you tried using a "positive reward chart?" It could involve something simple, like the teacher checking off a piece of paper (a daily take-home chart,) with a "smiley face" if he was quiet and respectful most of the day, a "neutral" face if his behavior was so-so, and a "frown face" if he had a day with repeated interruptions. You could then provide a reward system, like "2 days in a row with smiley faces," he can earn a small prize, or "4 days in the week" a bigger reward. (It doesn't have to be material could be the privilege of staying up late on the weekend, or playing a special video game, etc)

My son happens to be a highly gifted kid, but he also has ADHD. He was very bright, but always getting complaints from teachers about his chattering, as well as fidgeting, etc. We did enroll him in a private school for gifted kids (see and even there, surrounded by other highly gifted kids, with smaller class sizes and more "hands-on" learning opportunities, he was still more "disruptive" to the class than most of his peers. That's when we did have him evaluated for ADHD and our suspicions were confirmed...If you want to learn more about kids like that, called "2e" or "twice exceptional" I've compiled a lot of resources at In any case, you might want to join the Gifted Group at

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