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Make-Up: When Is It OK for Young Girls?


chibby33 September 22, 2008

Luckily my 10 year-old daughter doesn't see her face as an open canvass (yet) but I was watching the reality show The Principal on A&E and this girl was sent to the office for wearing too much make-up. I mean this middle school kid had more make-up than Amy Winehouse!

Would you advice your girls for or against make-up and how?


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kylasfuture225 September 22, 2008

I would advise against makeup because, in my opinion, makeup is a downward spiral to not being able to leave the house without makeup on. If my daughter ever comes to me before she is in college for make up tips I will just show her how I feel is a good way to use the makeup without making her feel like she is banned from it. I will show her subtle tips such as lip gloss and mascara (granted the limit for me is at least 16 years old before mascara) and let her know that heavy make up should be saved for special occasions or when she is able to hang out with friends in college. Explain that it's not good for such new skin.


MagnetMom September 22, 2008

I wore nail polish as early as fifth grade, I'm sure. I think in seventh I experimented with a little blue (hi 1982!) eye shadow. By eighth grade I'd added mascara.

I've seen some school elementary school handbooks specifically ban makeup including glitter. I don't know I'd want to go so far as to ban it.

My daughter is only in second grade so I hope I have a while before this conversation gets serious, but I'd rather see her sleep those extra 10 minutes than apply a face.

I'm a throwback, with wash and wear hair and virtually no makeup, so hopefully my daughter won't be interested for a good long while.

And no junior high school girl should be able to get her hands on that much makeup with (or without) her parents knowing about it, so I wonder where they're at in all this.


hockeymum September 22, 2008

My daughter is in grade 8 and wears makeup. Mascara, a little eyeliner, powder on the nose and clear lip gloss.
She wears it very tastefully. Even IF she did glob it on, I would let her as long as her grades were kept up there. Makeup and hair color are rights of passage and judging a child by appearance just puts up another wall between you and them. As long as they are respectful and maintain good grades I'm not too concerned on appearance.


chibby33 September 22, 2008

I forgot to mention in my question what my personal choice is. I'd rather not see my daughter wear make-up until late high school and even then, perhaps just a small dab here and there. I want her to be able to maintain simplicity. She's seen me wear make up but only the loose powder kind and that's about it. I would much prefer her spending time in the bathroom brushing her hair, trimming her fingernails, and keeping the rest of her body parts clean than just in front of the mirror applying eye liner, mascarra, blush, foundation, etc. which are meant for more mature women.

She's done nail polish on her fingers and toes but I think it's more for the fun of applying colors 20 times.


sbozarth23 September 22, 2008

Luckily since I only have my son I will not have to face this particular issue.

When I still lived under my parents roof I was allowed to "play" with my mothers old eye shadows (no mascara for obvious reasons) and lipsticks but I could not wear it outside the house. I did not start seriously wanting to wear it to school or on outing until I was in the sixth and seventh grade. Sadly, my parents did not agree with me and I was not allowed to wear makeup until I was fifteen. My father's favorite thing to say to me before I went anywhere was "it's not a beauty contest." Even then if it was a little much my mother would pull me aside and tell me to tone it down.


DeborahHamilto September 22, 2008

I would not let my daughter wear make-up to school or church untill she was in high school,and she had to know how to put it on right.I did let her play and use my make-up at home.too much can make a young girl look loose.


tjlove September 22, 2008

When I turned eleven my parents gave me a tube of clear lip gloss that I was only allowed to wear on special occasions. The next year they gave me powder and mascara, again, only on special occasions. BUT, that didn't stop me from stealing my sister's black eyeliner and putting it on at the bus stop.
I agree that minimal is best and I think high school is a good time to introduce it.


stablemom September 22, 2008

luckily my daughter is not into make up.. she might have her toe nails painted if i'm doing mine, but otherwise, i have the opposite problem. if i try and put some blush or lipstick on her for pictures or for a school concert. she runs in the opposite direction.
the most she asked to do was put in 2 blond & pink extensions into her long blond hair...and you don't even notice them untill you're up close..
when she asks for make up i just may take her to a Clinique counter and have the professionals show her what to put where, i'd rather spend the money on a basic quality make up that she will wear, and she can't go wrong with the only color matched to her skin and eye tone.
i'm not otne for those make up kits with 40 different eyeshadows and 20 lip sticks.. to me that's a disaster waiting to happen..
many of her classmates in 8th get made up for school, hair, nails, face etc.
mine just puts her hair in a pony tail, and is out the door.. then again she is not interested to chase after boys as of yet.
the loves of her life right now have 4 hooves, whinny and neigh...


mommy04 September 22, 2008

My daughter is in the 6th grade. This is what I did. If her skin is clear and she takes good care of her skin then she can wear minimal amount. I let her wear soft-soft eye shadows small amount of mascara (brown) and lip gloss. Maybe a hint of color. She has to buy it herself. If she goes to bed and wakes up without washing it off then she is grounded off of it for three days and the next time a week. She has a hard time with some complexion problems and it takes to much time and she kind of just lost interest with it and don't wear it much. My sister in law made her daughter buy all the face wash stuff and make up. It got expensive so she didn't't wear it much. They do change in attitude when they start wearing it just to warn you. They put on ttheir big girl pants when thy put that on so be ready mom. I really pushed the importance of a clean face. Washed morning and night. Making them have to buy it may help them with a decision of if its worth it all.


Crissleigh September 22, 2008

I was around 13 or 14 when I started to use make up. My Dad was not to happy about it but I was still allowed.
I think it really depends on the maturity of your daughter . Is she going to take proper care of it and fallow the rules you set ? My big question would be why she feels she needs it if she is very young.
You can say no till 16 or even 19 but I am sure most of us all know to well that if our parents said no we had a friend who's parents said yes . Of course they would bring it to us at school and we used it any way and washed it off before we got home.
I would start my daughter off with a few neutral tones of eye shadow .blush ,and lip gloss. At 12 or 13 that is all you need . Explain that make up is not to paint your face but to highlight your features. Promote good habits of keeping a clean face and never letting others use your make up. Let her buy a few things with her money that she likes color wise if it is not to out there .
Make up can be a great way to bond with your daughter. The first day you shop for it take her to the mall and let her get her make up done and you get yours done also .
If we have to let them grow up at least make it fun .

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