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How do with a teacher that is "rude" to me every time I have a question or just see her? Very unprofessional!


Anonymous September 24, 2008

How do I deal with a teacher that is always rude, speaks at you with out looking you in the face, talks as if you a bothering her & acts as if she does not have to deal with you if she does not want to? Very unprofessional. It has been 4 years since my child has been attending GEC, this teacher was my childs teacher in another grade, now she her teacher this year in a higher grade. I thought I was done with her & now she is back!! Help!!

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tobbyandlui September 24, 2008

Something similar happened to me when my daughter was in kindergarten, when coming back home from school, I always asked my kids how was school today, my youngest daughter told me that her teacher pulled her arm when my daughter was getting her sweater, I suggested to speak inmediately to the teacher regarding this, she was denying it, my daughter has very delicate skin and every time she gets hurt or bump into something or just by rubbing gently, she gets red, I checked her arm and it was a little bit red, the teacher explained me that my daughter got up to get her sweater without permission and that she told her to be seated, my daughter told me she felt cold so she decided to go and get her sweater, she said that she was having trouble putting on her sweater that is why she didn't go when the teacher called for her so that is why the teacher came to her and pulled her arm, I told the teacher that if this happens again, I was going to the superintendent.
Another day, I went to have lunch with my daughter and her teacher told me I that I can't have lunch with my daughter, I went straight to the office and let them know what the teacher told me that and they said that I have the right to have breakfast with my child, the principal called my daughter's teacher and said to her it was okey, I think, the principal had a conversation with my child teacher afterwards because I never again had problems with my daughter's teacher.


tobbyandlui September 24, 2008

What I recommend you to do, is to go and talk with the principal regarding this matter, she or him will advise you what to do, if this doesn't work out, suggest to change your child to another classroom.
If nothing changes, then I recommended you to start looking for another school for your child.


odachimaster September 24, 2008

I had this; I just asked her plain out if she hated me. She stopped for a moment and said No so I proceeded to ask her about these occasions. and she said this is just me. I said if I perceive you this way how do your students perceive you? Did not really have an answer for that. I just said thank you for your honesty and said I am very involved with my child's education. She got the point.


melodeee11 October 15, 2008

My sons teacher was also rude to me everytime I talked to her and strict with my son, so I finally went to talk to the principal and told him what I didn't like and then I spoke with her and listened to her, and she seemed nice enough but still set in her ways so I just explained to her that I didn't like her ways of dealing with certain issues. She backed off a bit and is more inclined to be nice to me now.


maggie93215 October 31, 2008

My son last year had a teacher that was not the easiest person to talk to, I did make an effort but I didn't like her so on occasions when I did have to talk with her I did but there were sometimes when she had poor communication skills with my kid as well as with me she tried to tell me that she sent me a note home saying my child was being bad. I take my kids behavior very serious so he was punished he had his privileges taken away. I asked him about the note he said he didn't even know he was in trouble at school and he did not recieve a note. I talked to the teacher who was very smuge about it saying I sent him a note and on an on! I kept asking my kid and he kept saying no she didn't it ( and of course we all want to believe our own kids )so I was so mad I had to have my husband talk with this lady mind you my husband is always at work so he had no I idea what to expect so he called her and the first thing he told me was what kind of teacher does our son have?
After the 1hour talk my husband had with her comes to find out it was the wrong kid. Can you believe that My kid was punished and he did nothing wrong. Did i hear an apolgy no just oh wrong child. needles to say I am so glad I don't have to deal with her. In the conversatin my husband had with her he stated that he didn't like the way she handled this situation, nor did we like the way she talked to myself or my husband and we also let her know that my son was not comfortable in her class and was afraid of her. Believe it or not she was shocked. After that she was somewhat tolerable however I did for the rest of the year let my husband talk and deal with that teacher.


clockgirl12 November 1, 2008

Call or go to your daughter's school ask for the principal when he/she talks to you explain your situation ask the principal to schedule a conference where all 3 of you can be present to see if you can get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution.


trooper November 5, 2008

Is is possible to have a conference with the teacher?
Can you tell her that you a feeling that there is a problem because she talks to you in an angry tone annd won't look at you?
This might help, it might not. Still, in would be helpful to let the teacher know that there is a problem. If the problem continues, you might consider talking to her superior. Most important, - how is the teacher relating to the students?


Abby2009 November 12, 2009

Hi all,
I am going seems I am reading my problem...Just scared if she can be rude to me will she make my son's life in her class!!
Help me ..Can I email any of you personally?

Maggie 93215- I have started the same thing..letting my husband deal. But she is rude to me even when I go volunteering for Photocopying - I knocked the door as it was closed - She came screaming/running in front of the kids - my son was there too looking - " YOU cannot do that" I am teaching. Do not knock - Just sneak in .

I mean there is a nicer way to say.
No Thanks from her after I made the copies & left..
I mean what will the kids learn?
I am too scared to confront as she might mess with my child or his grades


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