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DRA Developmental Reading Assessment Question


bethbeth October 17, 2009

My daughter had the DRA given to her at her school (third grade) and she had an instructional or independent level (on grade level) for her oral reading and her comprehension. However, her reading rate and fluency fall below grade level. Can the teacher override that part of the assessment and keep her reading books on grade level - noting she is just a naturally slower reader and her fluency does not in any way inhibit her comprehension or oral reading accuracy?

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healthy11 October 18, 2009

Hi. Unfortunately, Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and we don't know where you're located or which school your child attends, or what the district's guidelines are for allowing teachers to overlook parts of any assessment. You'll have to ask the teacher about the school rules. (Although no matter what the teacher does in class, you can always select more challenging books for reading at home.)

As the parent of a teen with dyslexia who also happens to have poor rate, accuracy and fluency, yet good comprehension, I have to say that I wish schools had recognized it when he was younger, and tried to improve his fluency. They didn't test for it when my son was in elementary school. Personally, I don't think teaching reading should be an "either/or" situation, where a child is forced read lower level books all the time just to improve fluency, because kids who can comprehend higher level books gains in other way, too, like increasing their vocabulary.

I'd like to invite you to join Greatschools Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at, where many other parents can share their experiences and advice with you.

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