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Excellent schools: Harlem Village Academy Middle School

What makes a school outstanding? Academic rigor, long hours, community spirit, and mutual respect are just some of the guiding principals of this high-performing charter.

By Leslie Crawford

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Full parental involvement

When a child wins a spot at Harlem Village Academy through the lottery, parents are asked to be active participants in their child’s education – including ensuring their child arrives at school well-rested, in full uniform, and keeping up with schoolwork.

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Comments from readers

"love it"
"I am glad this school was posted, because when this country think of school of excellence they think of schools in a rich surban area( they never think of a school with a highly educated Afri-american kids) so I am glad to see that great school see outside of money & color."
"What happens if the parents and/or students don't live up to the expectations?"
"I love this story. About time! Seems like a classic case of accountability and the village coming together to create success in education and the future for so many kids that appreciate this gift of education they are being given....made my day."