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Top public schools: $600,000-$799,999

From big-city bedroom communities to historic towns, these top 10 cities offer families stellar public schools and median home prices between $600K and $800K.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Westwood, Mass.

Westwood, Mass.

Education quality score: 96.68
Median home price: $644,960
Population: 14,010

Norman Rockwell would have felt right at home in this picturesque New England hamlet that retains an old-fashioned feel. No wonder Westwood attracts so many families who want a more relaxed small-town life yet can easily commute — via two commuter rail lines — to Boston, located 12 miles away. What’s more, the town maintains a strong commitment to education. There’s a top-notch school system, and last year the independent-run Westwood Educational Foundation gave nearly $78,000 in grants, funding everything from spelling bees to math contests.

The school district consists of five elementary schools, Edmund W. Thurston Middle School, and state-of-the-art Westwood High, which was recently rebuilt for a cool $45 million. Year after year, Westwood students score in the top percentiles on national reading and math tests, and an overwhelming majority of high school graduates continue to college. But it’s not all work, no play: There’s an abundance of recreational areas, nature preserves, playgrounds, and ball fields. The downside to all this upside: Westwood notably lacks in diversity, with a nearly 95% white population.

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Comments from readers

"I'm disappointed in the list because Andover, MA is definitely one of the top public schools and it's a beautiful town yet it didn't make it on the list. "
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