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Top public schools: $400,000-$599,999

From Beltway burbs to lakefront towns, these top 10 cities offer families wonderful public schools and median home prices between $400K and $600K.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Lake Oswego, Ore.

Education quality score: 93.52
Median home price: $460,440
Population: 36,698

Portland's well-heeled cousin is home to some of Oregon's most expensive real estate, but stepping back from the lake, families can find somewhat more affordable homes. Once an iron town, the community of Lake Oswego now offers residents a stunning public space on the former Iron Company grounds: George Rogers Park.

With two gleaming Blue Ribbon high schools — Lakeridge and Lake Oswego, both remodeled in 2004 — Lake Oswego's school system churns out more than a few high-achieving students. The high schools offer 13 Advanced Placement courses and in 2009 between them graduated 12 National Merit finalists. Lakeridge High received a silver medal from U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best High Schools 2010."

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Comments from readers

"We live in Sammamish and think the public schools are appalling! Unfortunately, parents don't see this until it's too late. This article is nothing more than a feel good piece of propaganda. Parents, look deeper. "
"Author needs to know that Arlington is a town, not a city. "
"Who with children who can actually afford to live in these small cities at these home prices? The prices must be held up by all the baby boomers with empty nests and fat wallets."
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