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Top public schools: $200,000-$399,999

From Midwestern towns to Great Lake villages, these top 10 cities offer families great public schools and median home prices between $200K and $400K.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Edina, Minn.

Education quality score: 94.74
Median home price: $345,270
Population: 45,912

Academic achievement, extracurricular activities, awards, impressive graduation and testing stats — the Edina school system has it all, especially its top-performing high school. Called one of the best U.S. high schools by Newsweek in 2008 and among the top 2% in the nation, Edina High School boasted an impressive 18 National Merit semifinalists and 27 commended scholars in 2007. Last year 97% of its seniors went to college.

What’s Edina’s secret? Well, it’s an affluent suburb of Minneapolis that happens to be home to Dairy Queen’s headquarters. But its impressive numbers go beyond demographics. The district, which serves 7,800 children in six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, has proven that it can make innovative, systemic changes to benefit its students. Edina was one of the first in the country to push back its high school start time — and watched SAT scores rise as a result. It also recently tried out an e-math class to help students who were failing in a traditional classroom.

And the district is not resting on its laurels. Edina is currently engaged in a study of its middle schools, with the charge to “explore and develop recommendations for 21st-century directions for middle-level education.”

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