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Top public schools: Under $100,000

From Texas towns to Southern suburbs, these top 10 cities offer families outperforming public schools and median home prices under $100K.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Texarkana, Texas

Texarkana, Texas

Education quality score: 74.42
Median home price: $85,120
Population: 36,131

Ross Perot's hometown is also the birthplace of famous athletes (Eddie Matthews) and musicians (Scott Joplin). With 37% of its population African American and 34.8% of its children living below the poverty line, Texarkana deserves a standing ovation for its high academic achievement and socioeconomic diversity. Parental involvement is high, and the thrifty administration consistently achieves large results on a tight budget.

Four schools have perfect-10 GreatSchools scores, including the specialized Martha & John Morriss Math & Engineering Elementary School. Perot's alma mater — Texas High — produces more National Merit scholars than any rival in northeast Texas (47% of its faculty have master's degrees.) Like the maverick Perot, the district encourages creative initiative: Its IT department offers training videos, and the Texarkana Public Schools Foundation delivers $10,000 grants to innovative educators.

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Comments from readers

"Yeah... If you're white and straight, Harrison, AR could be the perfect place for you! If you're not, you'd be lucky to survive the schools there. "
"This article should be deleted. Half the cities on this list are in a state that is re-writing U.S. history. I don't consider that 'rock-solid' education."
"Great... but, but, but, but, Anything in places where one would actually want to live?"
"This is a stretch to say the least."
"Thanks for the wonderful article. Harrison is great place to live and visit. Just would like to add a correction. Dr. Jerry Moody is the Harrison School Districts superintendent. Our teachers and staff are number one! Not sure whom the Brian Smith you speak is though. "
"I am very proud to say I live in Webb City, MO. my son has achieved many honors because of the team work at the Webb City School District!!! GO CARDS!!!"
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