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Top education towns 2011: Median home prices $100,000-$199,999

From small heartland hometowns to sun-kissed coastal enclaves, these top 10 cities offer families stellar public schools and median home prices between $100K and $200K.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Franklin, WI

Education quality score: 84.75
Median home value: $197,800
Population: 35,101

First it was a hardwood forest where Native Americans hunted deer, bear, rabbit, and wolves. Next, it was fertile farmland with Irish, Dutch, and German settlers. And now, Franklin in the breathtaking Root River Valley is the fastest-growing suburb of Milwaukee, included on Forbes 2009 list of 100 "Best Places to Live." Parks, bike trails, untouched wetlands, prairies, and timberland encircle the town, with urban lures like major sports teams, zoos, museums, concerts, and festivals just a few miles further.

Every academic level here is exemplary. Southwood Glen Elementary School has instituted the cutting edge innovation of "recess before lunch." Forest Park Middle School provides a Geography Bee, marine life excursions to Florida, and Washington D.C. history and heritage tours. Franklin High School maintains imaginative options with extra-curriculars like robotics, model United Nations, co-ed skiing, forensics, and parkour. Other academic institutes include St. Paul's Lutheran Church School, Franklin's St. Martin of Tours Parish School,and Indian Community School of Milwaukee, all K-8s with respectable reputations. 

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Comments from readers

"You will need to take the Florida locations off your list soon. An onerous system of reviewing teachers by the test results of their students will eventually lead to a delcline in good new teachers in Florida. State budget issues are also cutting into education programs all over the state. "