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Top education towns 2011: Median home prices $100,000-$199,999

From small heartland hometowns to sun-kissed coastal enclaves, these top 10 cities offer families stellar public schools and median home prices between $100K and $200K.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Haslett, MI

Education quality score: 85.91
Median home value: $123,950
Population: 10,962

The best for less! Not only are Haslett's homes a downright bargain, but residents here enjoy the delights of both suave urbanity and rustic ruralness. Culture, shopping, and dining can be consumed at nearby Lansing (the state capital) and East Lansing (home of Michigan State University). What's more, natural tranquility is right out the door with adjacent 500-acre Lake Lansing's boating, fishing, swimming, volleyball, and hiking pleasures.  

Haslett's schools boast a plethora of both fun and high-IQ, extra-curricular options. The Science Olympiad team of Haslett Middle School grabbed first place in regional competition, and electives of Spanish, band, and choir are available. Haslett High School offers seven choirs, plus inventively eclectic clubs that include writing, anime, French, Harry Potter, Japanese, film, fencing, and Quiz Bowl. Vera Ralya Elementary School also receives high marks from parents for its exceptional teachers and beloved principal.

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"You will need to take the Florida locations off your list soon. An onerous system of reviewing teachers by the test results of their students will eventually lead to a delcline in good new teachers in Florida. State budget issues are also cutting into education programs all over the state. "