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Top education towns 2011: Median home prices $100,000-$199,999

From small heartland hometowns to sun-kissed coastal enclaves, these top 10 cities offer families stellar public schools and median home prices between $100K and $200K.

By GreatSchools Staff

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North Royalton, OH

Education quality score: 84.90
Median home value: $142,760
Population: 29,363

Oompah-pah! Oompah! The marching band at North Royalton High School, one of the best in Ohio, has trumpeted at the Rose Bowl and Indianapolis 500, with almost 300 students enrolled in its ranks annually. Five choirs also chime in this second-suburb-near-Cleveland on this list. Academically, North Royalton makes the best of good teachers and high parent involvement, with 90 percent of its graduates entering college. A recent activity that exemplifies community support is the "Stuff the Bus" food drive, sponsored by school bus drivers. Albion Elementary School consistently earns an "Excellent" rating on its state report card, plus it offers student leadership positions and has earned Buckeye Best Healthy School awards for three years. This year, Royal View Elementary was named a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, too.

As for family life, North Royalton offers a relaxed, small-town pace just 15 miles from the bustling urbanism of Akron (population 200,000) and 18 minutes from Cleveland (population 400,000). Plus, it provides top-notch outdoor spaces, including a soon-to-be new 15-acre park with walking trails, a community garden, and natural springs in the heart of town.

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Comments from readers

"You will need to take the Florida locations off your list soon. An onerous system of reviewing teachers by the test results of their students will eventually lead to a delcline in good new teachers in Florida. State budget issues are also cutting into education programs all over the state. "