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10 key questions for middle schools

Looking for middle school? Don't do it without getting the answers to these questions!

By GreatSchools Staff

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Math instruction

1) How many minutes of math instruction do they get per day?

This may be obvious, but the answers can vary between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the commitment of the school to focusing on math. Does more hours mean higher performance? Not necessarily. (It may mean the kids are coming to the school insufficiently prepared for the middle school math curriculum. And in Finland, where the math scores are particularly high, there isn't a huge outlay of time on drilling math.) However, if your child needs extra time to absorb math material or she is behind, added "time on task" may be a great advantage to her. Whatever the answer, it will give you a sense of how important math is to the overall curriculum.

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Comments from readers

"Constant testing in math class instead of focusing on absorbing concepts and their continued use is a waste of school time and purpose. If the student hasn't learned a concept, time should be spent teaching. "
"I find it out very helpful.I'm about to move to another area,and I want the best for my dauthers "
"I find that at my child's schools,at present middle.I get an attitude from the administration.They act as though your just an added aggravation,i have had a school administrator act with hostility towards me for little or know reason.bad hair day i guess!My daughter lives with her grand dad and mom though i have custody. Kelly prefers it there because her mom raise her and our time together was very limited because of my job as a Captain in the USMM.I was gone to sea 80% of her life.We are becoming closer as i am now retired because of disability's.ssd.etc.Her Mom is a social path and i have to be very careful how i handle all things considered.Kelly has made her choice to stay with her grandpa and mom lives there.It's not the best of circumstances for her but i keep a close watch,her mom knows it and knows i will take legal action if called for.many of our children are living in broken homes and i think our school system does a poor job of overseeing these unfortunate times! .We need more support for our children at school,that's where they spend 60/70%of there time.We need to make some serious changes in our school systems across the board.To many teachers who care to administration that backs the bad and the ugly to frequently.It seems as though to many people prefer to take the easy way out!stick there heads in the sand and turn there back to the obvious at home and at school.And CPS who is to scared of the word law suit!Or a total lack of experience creating an even worse problem than the original complaint...What a waist of our children's true potential...Our country is a train wreck in the blinding blizzard of indifference...truly yours,Captain/Pastor/Dr. of divinity-Albert Tomka... "
"School is a huge decision and we should all educate ourselves about where they are going to school and what is being taught."