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Top education towns 2011:
Median home prices $200,000-$399,999

Dreaming of a quaint seaside abode or southern celebrity enclave? You'll find plenty of options among these 10 best cities for great housing and top public schools.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Barrington, RI

Education quality score: 97.96
Median home value: $296,010
Population: 16,284

Just 20 minutes from the state’s capital, no point in this much-lauded seaside town is more than two miles from salt water. Green and bucolic like the village in Somerset, England it was named for, modern-day Barrington’s bustling streets are lined with historic architecture.

The town is blessed with a robust education foundation that has awarded more than $790,000 in grants to the schools for new laptops, innovative broadcast technology, and unique programs like a four-week introduction to tai chi to help students manage stress while increasing mobility. The district is also working toward a professional learning community (PLC) model, which promotes a culture focused on education and collaboration between teachers. The 2010 NECAP report ranked the high school among the state’s top five in reading, writing, and math, and students at Barrington High School tend to ace the SATs, scoring well above state averages.

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